Our services

Environmental/Social Impact Assessment and Permitting

By anticipating and addressing permit requirements early on in the project design, we help implement a permitting strategy, development schedule and mitigation plans that expedite permit acquisition and compliance. Expert regulatory negotiations throughout the project help resolve technical and external stakeholder issues and create favorable permit conditions while achieving the ultimate goals of maintaining project schedules and ensuring compliance. This method has contributed to successful projects for a broad range of government, energy, industrial, waste disposal, utilities, agricultural, mining and real-estate clients. Across our broad impact analysis, assessment and permitting practice, our experience serves to achieve our clients’ goals, ensuring they are operating according to their own business requirements as well as complying with regulatory requirements.
  • Siting, Project Feasibility and Permitting Strategy
  • Environmental Policy Development
  • Environmental/Social Impact Assessment
  • Baseline Field Studies/Ecology
  • Project Permitting Program Management
  • Environmental Mitigation, Monitoring and Planning
  • Regulatory Permitting/Negotiation
  • Stakeholder/Public Engagement
  • Air emission
  • Water using, water norms and limits, water discharge
  • Waste passport and limits
  • Waste management license
  • Visual and Noise Impact Assessment, Modeling

Program Management for Large Programs

EHS Management Consulting and Compliance

Tsaturyan Consulting delivers environmental, health and safety (EHS) management consulting and compliance services to multi-sector clients. From corporate-level environmental policy development to facility-level EHS outsourcing initiatives and support, our team provides our clients with information to eliminate or reduce EHS risks and then proactively establish programs to manage the remaining EHS responsibilities in a cost-effective manner. We ensure seamless, consistent, highly effective consulting and compliance services with in-depth knowledge of local and international EHS requirements.


  • EHS Compliance and Management Systems Design and Implementation Support
  • Process Safety Evaluations, Siting and Management
  • EHS Training Program Development and Delivery Support
  • EHS Audit Program Development, Management, Implementation and Third-party Evaluations
  • Outsourcing Support for EHS Compliance and Management Programs
  • Safety inspection and Due Diligence
  • Medical checkup for employees of multi industrial sectors
  • Green House Gases emission

Climate Adaptation and Sustainability

From climate changing issue, our population centers and the infrastructure that support them are at greater risk. With the tragic loss of life and significant economic losses resulting from natural disasters, solutions that protect people and places, anticipate eventualities and incorporate the ability to recover are of critical importance. Our climate adaptation services help our clients understand potential vulnerabilities and support initiatives that increase resilience.

  • Climate change impact assessment
  • Natural hazard and disaster impact assessment

ESMS Implementation

Environmental and Social Management System is for businesses who wish to implement a management system in line with the requirements of IFI’s (International Financial Institutes). Develop and implement a management system addressing common environmental, occupational health and safety (OHS), labor, and community risks and impacts that companies are likely to face.